Monday, December 20, 2010

keylogger software for children

Web monitoring program allows you to keep records of events happening on your computer in your absence including typed key strokes, email addresses, screenshots, keyword search details, voice chat history, software installed and visited websites etc

Want to keep an eye on what your employees or children do on computer in your absence? Are they working, studying or doing chatting, playing game and making misuse of internet? Each online/offline activity can be recorded in surveillance mode by installing safe and reliable software named PC spy monitoring. Desktop monitoring program records all keystrokes, web browsing activities, clipboard content, printing activities, typed file, voice chat conversations, computer games, internet searches, online shopping, files transfers, web-based email sending details etc. Remote monitoring feature offers workers supervising facility by receiving captured screenshots and recorded log file data at specified email id. PC data manager working in invisible mode at desktop background is completely hidden application from your system's startup menu, task manager, add/remove program and system installation files.